Press and Papers


7th September 2018, People Magazine – Fighting to save Shonweni with Conservation Guardians

6th September 2018, Highway Mail Magazine – Future looks bright for Shongweni Dam

20th June 2018, Tourism Guide Africa – Become a Conscious Traveller, by Greg Vogt, page 25

21st March 2018, Daily Southern and East African Tourism Update – Conservation should be more than just lip-service, by Greg Vogt

5th February 2018, Daily Southern and East African Tourism Update – Have you touched a wild animal recently?, by Greg Vogt


Conservation Achievement Score – abstract

ISO 18065_2015 – Tourism and related services — Tourist services for public use provided by Natural Protected Areas Authorities — Requirements

World Conservation Strategy – Living Resourse Conservation for Sustainable Development

WAZA Conservation Strategy 2015

TOPS regulations – Final Doc Published Feb 2007

National Norms and Standards for the Management of Elephants in South Africa

EU Zoos Directive Good Practices

Government Gazette Republic of South Africa – Biodiversity Act

WAZA – TURNING THE TIDE, a Global Aquarium Strategy for Conservation and Sustainability


Presentation of the Conservation Achievement Score at EAZA Conservation Forum 2018, Tallin. Watch the video18