What we do

What we do

Conservation Guardians seeks to inspire a global community of conscious travellers.

We will achieve this by implementing a Conservation Achievement score and an Animal Care score, together with our campaign to create a global community of Conservation Guardians. Below is a brief introduction to our projects, for a more detailed overview you can click the read more link:

The Conservation Achievement Score Project is a scientific assessment of the conservation achievement of a place that is referred to as a game reserve or a nature reserve, or any other protected area that offers an eco-tourism experience to visitors wanting an experience that is in the wild with wildlife. READ MORE

The Animal Care Score Project, is a project that commits to measure the level of animal care offered at places that keep wild animals in captivity for tourism interaction.

These scores offer the visitor transparency and integrity to places they might be visiting. A tourist or visitor should have peace-of-mind that the place they will be visiting has a high conservation integrity and achievement. READ MORE and WATCH THE VIDEO

Our Africademy is an institute for Conservation Education and Conservation Ethics and provides courses for students and conservation sciences students. The Africademy is also developing conservation education courses for special needs children and adults.  READ MORE

The Differently Abled Conservation Initiative (DACI) is a recent project that aims to generate a better understanding of cognitive disabilities within eco-tourism businesses and the experiences they have to offer. Conservation Guardians in collaboration with parents of differently abled children, have defined a project that will focus on enhancing nature-based experiences for differently abled persons with cognitive disabilities. Our vision is to open a new world to families at eco-tourism locations, enabling them to expand their offering to differently abled people.

This project seeks to develop courses (modules) for nature-based guides working at game reserves, parks and nature reserves; and the project aims to educate game reserves, provincial and national park facilities around differently-abled people with cognitive disabilities.