Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

The Conservation Guardians Model generates opportunities for sponsors to engage in the efforts we are designing. These include:

Differently Abled Conservation Initiative

  • a focus on differently abled children and adults within conservation
  • this includes skills development and learning

Africademy research and environmental centre – read more

  • marine research projects
  • waste management in collaboration with global waste organisations

Eco-Estate Conservation Initiative

  • eco-estates are fast becoming a valuable space where eco-systems can be conserved
  • collectively, these eco-estates become significant in conserving biodiversity hotspots

Conservation Achievement Score – read more

  • we have successfully procured a sponsor for this project and look forward to announcing our key sponsor of the Conservation Achievement Score soon.

Interested in being our sponsor? Engage with us to discuss oppotunities info@conservationguardians.co.za