Meet the Conservation Guardians Team

Meet the Conservation Guardians Team

Conservation Guardians is a heterogeneous group of people who have made a simple commitment: to inspire a community of conscious travellers who will choose places of high conservation integrity as their destinations.

Our team collaborates with local and European universities on research projects that generate opportunities for students, post grad students, lecturers and professors to increase their knowledge base and exposure to dynamic in-situ case studies.

We cooperate with local structures and global tourism organisations to achieve two key-objectives:

  • improve the welfare of wild and in captive animals used in wildlife tourism experiences;
  • direct travellers and visitors to places with a high conservation integrity, with the goal of increasing tourism dollar investment to conservation.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that we can achieve our vision by all working towards this common goal.

Our commitment however, does not end with the conservation of biodiversity and wild animal welfare. We are extremely passionate and committed to local emerging businesses operating within the conservation framework. Each of our projects includes the opportunity for local guides and artisans to benefit.

To conclude, Conservation Guardians is you, me and all the people out there who care about nature and want to be part of the conservation revolution. Conservation Guardians is a huge team made of millions of people who are ready to make a difference and take a step forward towards conserving this precious gift we call nature.

Greg Vogt:

My journey and love for the outdoors began as a young boy, growing up in the heart of Zululand. My youth knew no boundaries as I explored places with local kids; nature being the backdrop to our playground. I explored places that were then wild and today are tourism resorts.

My first major conservation achievement was as a founder member and Chairman of the Whale Route that went on to win a Tourism for Tomorrow Award (Sponsored by British Airways), A Raptor Award and two Green trust awards. This inter-disciplinary initiative gave me a taste of what an integrated approach could achieve within the conservation framework. Thereafter a held various positions as a destination leader, witnessing the disconnect between tourism and conservation efforts. – CEO and Director

Sara Agostini:

Is there an experience more beautiful than growing up in the spectacular countryside of my homeland – Italy? This beautiful country offers one culture, ancient and modern architecture and diverse natural experiences: from the ocean to the mountains, and that is what  has nourished my soul since I was a child. I graduated in foreign languages and international relations and spent much of my time abroad during my studies. The nature of my professional career resulted in me being behind a computer everyday, much like many other people. However, before this became a way of life, my love for nature prevailed and, thanks to a combination of coincidences, facts and people, I left my country for a 21-day experience in South Africa. That’s when I was introduced to Conservation Guardians. A few months later I quit my job and decided to embark on an amazing new adventure that follows my dream of working in conservation and using my multi-lingual skills to make a difference in conservation efforts globally. – Marketing and Communications

Christian Warren Ganser:

As a photographer and video producer, I have always tried to dedicate a portion of my free time to worthwhile projects. I first met Greg on assignment touring with The World Orchestra. He subsequently assisted me in he production of a documentary I was working on “Shark Central”. When I heard about “Conservation Guardians” and the “Animal Care Score Project”, I offered my services to him. I am assisting with all aspects of media in this project. I believe it is vital to give back to the environment, help in any way possible with conservation as I have 2 young children and I don’t want them to grow up in a world where mankind though it’s stupidity and greed have destroyed our environment. – Photography and Video Production